Tuesday, March 31, 2015

15 steps to creating the perfect kid's room/ nursery:

Hi Moms,

I finally finished my perfect nursery. Yes,I know, I am only a year and then some late. But between not having enough space in New York and then waiting for the construction team to exit our new apartment in Bombay (which we squatted in the luxury of my parent's home for 5 months), I didn't get the chance to set up my nursery until now.

I did however, spend my spare time (defined by a few minutes in the middle of the night per night, when  I am supposed to be asleep and know that I will regret staying awake when the human alarm goes off unexpectedly in the middle of the night), trying to make things for my nursery - don't hate me moms.

Here are some tips to help you create your perfect baby space, whether you are planning while you a pregnant or after your baby is running around.

15 steps to creating the perfect space for your little one: 

1. Remember that this is YOUR space, your nest, and your right as a mother.
Sorry moms, that is a partially DIY wall (on the left is embroidery, and the right is drawings, and the center is something I put together with clothes and pictures, and his own caps.)

2. Like with everything related to parenting - advice can be welcome but can also piss you off, so take it only if you want it.

3. Pick a theme but try not to make it too complicated. It can be based on something as simple as a crib mobile that you like, a color shade, or a disney character you have always loved. If your child is older, you can go by what he or she enjoys (though keep in mind that kids tend to outgrow toys faster than even their clothes). I picked Mickey Mouse, cause I love Disney and also I figured that it's recyclable with my next child as I just have to add on bows for a girl.

4. Your theme doesn't mean you go nuts shopping and only buy Mickey mouse stuff, you can if you want to! But you can also just be creative and try to match colors and patterns instead of inflating Disney's (or whoever else's) shareholder value.

5. Look for one of a kind items - not necessarily at Tiffany's, it can even be something small and funky you find at a flea market (and thoroughly clean after that). These don't have to fit your theme, you can work your theme to fit these, or just add them around the room for character.

6.  Pick your bedding, curtains and wallpaper (if any). If these go with your theme, nothing else is needs to match. For example, if you are doing a classic theme, and choose your bedding, and curtains to match, all you would need to add is an interesting lamp or  one stand out piece on the wall and you are good to go.

7. Play with your baby's name.  You chose it for a reason so use it to personalize the room.
That's a cricket bat, but letters can be used in many different ways.

8. DIY - I am aware that these are some of the most hated alphabets in every mom's dictionary. However, you don't actually have to sit and make something tedious for your child. Check out Etsy (for those in the US), or Pearson's personalized frames, and you can create something with your child's shoes, clothes, foot/hand prints, hospital bracelet, without having to do much at all.
Hand prints, hospital bracelet and baby shoes.

9. Think outside the box.. or sometimes think inside! Use clear boxes to store items around the room that may be ordinary but can actually brighten up your space.. Eg, pacifiers! Even rattles, or smaller toys can be stored this way.

10. Book it all together. There's no better way to get your child interested in reading then to keep books at a level where he or she can reach them. They will naturally be curious to know whats in there and reach out to the book shelf. Keep in mind though that for your kids, board books are a better option than anything they can rip apart.
Guess who got those books out...

11. Arrange comfortable seating - for you and for your little tot. Whether it is a nursing chair, or simple stool that your child can sit on while flipping through a book, or wearing his shoes, it will add to your room in functionality and in style.
Nothing comfier..
12. Use photographs of your little one to personalize the space - he will enjoy these when he is older but you will enjoy them forever.

13. Put functionality on hold and think about fun - what will your child really enjoy in his room?

14. Make it night friendly - add nightlights, lamps (sturdy ones not floor lamps), or even glow in the dark stars (don't worry they do not glow long enough to keep your little one up at night).

15. Revel in your creation and you will find that this will be your favorite nook in the house.

Note to all the other pet parents around: don't forget to add a little something for your furry baby, even if it's just water and a cushion to let them know that they are always welcome. 

Enjoy the process moms!
More to come.

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